Joe Pike or Jack Reacher?

On the suggestion of a friend, I finally got around to reading a Jack Reacher novel, Running Blind.

My buddy Aric claims that Lee Child’s Jack Reacher is a bigger hardass than Robert Crais’ Joe Pike (of Elvis Cole and Joe Pike fame).

I’m not buying it.


Running Blind

Now, granted, Running Blind is a helluva novel, and Jack Reacher is certainly a man not to be fucked with, but Pike’s fury is a quiet one, thus more intimidating.

But, I won’t just hand it over to Pike. After Blind, I’m going to read Killing Floor (which I should have read first, as it’s the first novel, but like a dumbass I didn’t bother to check before I started Blind) and then, probably, move on to Die Trying, the second Reacher novel.

However, Round 1 goes to Joe Pike.